Intentional Motherhood: The Vision

For modern teens I think it is naturally very scary to imagine bringing children into this dark and confusing world. They don’t have an example to follow. Mothering little ones is a mystery and looks like a lot of hard work for very little return. They see the process of pregnancy and birth as terrifying. They see kids as a huge burden and sacrifice. I can imagine most kids growing up in this culture, though church-y, would be afraid of parenting because the only life they know is the one they have. And some of them feel like their own mothers are so burnt out and stressed because of their kids, that they don’t want to be like their parents. They have constant access to media that really tries to scare people out of parenting and speaks of the “sacrifice” to the body and lifestyle of mothering.

I’m not saying that God doesn’t call people to be single. He does! This isn’t about making a choice to not have a family because a person has other dreams and goals. This generation speaks from a place of fear, trauma and confusion. It’s somewhat understandable coming from their point of view. The sad thing is when the majority of church kids think this way. If people have kids or not is their choice; if people get married or not it’s their choice. It can be a good choice! I think it’s always sad if a person’s choices are driven mainly by fear, trauma, shortsightedness, selfishness or cultural deceptions. Don’t be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good!

Because we live in this modern world, with so much darkness, we could be tempted to think that the words of the Bible are no longer true for today… and the promise that children are a gift, a blessing, a heritage, and an honor – is no longer a relevant concept for people of today’s churches. I’m not sure that the modern church speaks to the youth that their future families can be blessed and the calling of marriage and parenthood is a noble and beautiful calling. The message I hear is that children will keep you from living your best life, and it’s easier to pursue your dreams without the baggage of babies. Unless your dream is born out of an eternal perspective and a multigenerational vision.

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