Equipping Our Children in a Rapidly Changing World

Musings with Amanda Osenga

If you’d have told me at age 12 what my job would be as a blogger and virtual assistant. I’d have had 0% framework for any of it other than writing & a bit of the computer piece. The overwhelming majority of what I do and the tools I use didn’t exist when I was 12.

If you’d have told my Dad at 12 what his future as an electrical engineer would look like, he’d have had almost no framework for it. Computers were giant things that took up entire rooms. Most of what Dad used in his job, didn’t exist when he was 12.

If you’d have told my Grandparents at age 12 about the massive technological changes they’d see in working life, I think their heads would have spun, or they’d have not believed you.

My Great Grandmother passed away in the early 2000s at 102 years old. She went from having no electricity to playing solitaire on my laptop with me in college. The amount of change her generation saw was astounding. Her life at 12 was vastly different than previous generations.

If you’d have told any generation before my Great Grandparents about their future careers, they’d have, by and large, known exactly what you were talking about. They grew up with remarkably little change compared to the last 100ish years.

I can do my best to equip and prepare my 12-year-old for his life to come. I can help him build the skills he’ll need and show him technology. Most likely, it won’t be anything even remotely close to what he’s using by my age.

The best I can do for him is teach him how to learn. How to adapt. How to question and wonder what technology is right for him. How to manage stress, rapid change, transition, and an ever-changing culture This is what we’re tasked with as parents, adults, and leaders for the next generation.

It feels like a lot. And I’m glad to be doing it with all of you as we navigate this warp-speed world together for ourselves and our kids.

Inspiration and Resources for Your Co-Op!

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Fun-Schooling + Different Educational Methods

Below are all of the videos and info on Fun-Schooling with different educational methods we talked about this past school year. Leave any additional questions in the comments!

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Fun-Schooling with Textbooks and Boxed Curriculum

Last school year we did grade-by-grade Fun-Schooling tips, ideas, and info. You can find those videos here- https://www.facebook.com/groups/FunSchoolingwithThinkingTreeBooks/posts/3218762238404007

Fun-Schooling Jitters? Jump in the Deep End!

When you first started Fun-Schooling with Thinking Tree Books you were probably feeling kind of overwhelmed with all the options to choose from, not sure how to build a curriculum for your child. You just look at all these beautiful books and wonder what’s inside and wonder…

Will my child be able to embrace this style of learning?

Is it enough?

Is it okay for children to have fun and study what they love instead of staying on the “tried and true” educational path set years ago my the experts of yesteryear?

Is it really okay that they are not learning all the sames things the grandparents studied in the 1950’s?

Can Fun-Schooling really provide a well rounded education when the whole point is for the child to dig deep into their specific passions and interests?

So many questions, fears, worries all mixed with the joy and wonder of discovering a way of learning that makes total sense!

So you dip in your toes, and maybe your child just gets it and is already diving into the deep end.

Or maybe you get it because you read Brave Learner and Unschooling Rules and The Unhurried Homeschooler and it all is the perfect fit for the homeschooling plan of your dreams… But your child has been so scarred by  “kill and drill” learning methods that they resist EVERYTHING.

Or maybe you were so relaxed in the past, and gave your soul over to radical Unschooling, and now your child scoffs at your efforts to get more organized with Fun-Schooling… because they would rather play Fortnight, and doesn’t that matter anymore? They fuss and cry at ALL structure.

So we plan, we dream, we fight, we cry, and we let go, and then we hold on tight because that’s motherhood.

And all you know is that trying to be a teacher is no fun, because your child actually can not sit still, and you know in your heart your child was not created to sit still. Children need to be free within safe boundaries, to learn when curiosity sparks, to discover who they are, what love is, and to learn to think deeply, live passionately, to grow through the growing pains and to learn to navigate this Earth, with wisdom.

And so you balance freedom with responsibility.

You measure out the boundaries of purpose and pleasure.

You walk the path ever-changing, never knowing where this road will lead… because it’s full of wonder, and questions, and struggle, and newness, and growth. And just when you think you mastered the game, the rules change, the seasons change, the relationships change, and life happens…

And it’s oh so messy.

And you wonder how you could ever prepare a child for the unknown future of a changing world.

You study the child. You seek to understand their individual gifts, weaknesses, passions and learning styles. You adapt your strategy to their personality and everything keeps changing. And then they are gone.

Go ahead and cry, because this is every mother’s journey, and even more so when you take on the great responsibility of giving your child an education that was dreamed up, just for them. (to continue reading, click on Page 2 below)