Fun-Schooling Themes for 2023!

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January- Language Arts

February- Math

March- Animals

April- Social Studies

May- Mom School

June- Core Journals

July- Science/ Technology

August- Back-to-School

September- Minecraft

October- Fashion

November- Cooking & Food

December- Holiday School

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The Beautiful World of Art & Logic Therapy (and Green Lemonade!)

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Wondering what to buy for Mom for Mother’s Day? Wonder no more! The beautiful family of Art & Logic Therapy journals is continually growing!

Wind and Rain

Fire Light

Morning Light


Lost & Found


Little Things (a brand new, 5×7, on-the-go, purse-sized journal!)

Brain Sharpening Therapy for All Ages! The newest journal, Candlelight, includes Psalms hidden and woven into the artwork and puzzles. Strengthen your faith and your mind!

Inspired by Dyslexia Games Therapy to renew and refocus the minds of individuals suffering from brain fog, ADHD, and anxiety. Puzzles and artwork by Sarah Janisse Brown, creator of Dyslexia Games.

These journals are the fruit of a research project for women with symptoms of “Brain Fog” related to Covid-19, pregnancy, aging, declining mental health, stress, and learning challenges. Over 800 mothers are participating with interesting and hopeful results!

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Sip some green lemonade while you enjoy your journals!

Feast your eyes on these beautiful books!

Fun-Schooling/Thinking Tree Books Master List & Flip-Thru Videos!

Have you wished for a comprehensive list of all the books available for Fun-Schooling? Amanda Osenga and Alene Candy have applied their amazing organizational talents to compiling that info all in one spot for you! Click right here to access the spreadsheet! It’s a beautiful thing! Don’t know what to pick? Click here for some great help!

Also, for lots of flip-thru videos that let you see inside many of our beautiful journals, go on over to Linda Beltran’s YouTube channel, Homeschooling6! You’ll be glad you did! Here is a sample of the new, gorgeous 3-journal Art & Logic Therapy Mom-Schooling series. Come join other homeschooling moms in this Facebook group, who are in a quest for relaxation and mental clarity!

Helping Our Friends in Ukraine

My husband Josh and I, the founders of The Thinking Tree, served as volunteers in Ukraine for several years. Here are several ways to help our friends during these devastating times.

I would love to give these Scripture Coloring Books away to refugees coming into Poland, Romania and Hungary. I can easily ship these anywhere in the EU. If you have a connection with someone helping in the EU – I would love to help, I just need an address. This is a coloring book I made when we lived in Ukraine to give as gifts to the Russian and Ukrainian people we were working with there. It might be something you would enjoy as well. It’s a coloring book with Bible Verses in English, Russian & Ukrainian.

This is a coloring book I made when we lived in Ukraine to give as gifts to the Russian and Ukrainian people we were working with there. It might be something you would enjoy as well. It’s a coloring book with Bible Verses in English, Russian & Ukrainian.

This book was created by a Ukrainian/American missionary family that is currently working hard to support many refugees! Your purchase makes a big difference in the lives of many people, very quickly. 50% of the income from this cookbook for kids supports a family volunteering in Ukraine with refugees right now. I am transferring funds from the sales of PDFs almost daily to help our team members in Ukraine. The PDF version of this book has an EXCITING NEW FEATURE!!! A QR Code has been added to every recipe to link to a video that teaches you EVEN MORE!!!!

The year we adopted five children from an orphanage in Ukraine, we made it a priority to create a fun-schooling book about Ukraine, especially for our kids. My two boys, Joseph and Alexander, worked on this book together. All the artwork is by Ukrainian artists. The Ukraine Journal is now available as a PDF! Please use the coupon code for $5 off, we will also donate $5 to the effort to help the war refugees in Ukraine. People we know and trust are working hard western Ukraine and need support.

100% of the income from this book (for littles, aged 5-7) goes to a wonderful family Ukraine who we served with for many years.

We would like to help our friends in Ukraine who are helping refugees right now. Several of our friends have had to flee. For PDF files, use the code here:

Code: generosity2022

This discount is applied to each PDF you buy. If you get 4 PDFs your coupon will take $20 off. (click Page 2 to continue reading)