Happy Anniversary (and a Giveaway to Celebrate!)


This week we celebrate one year since the launch of this new blog!

  • We’ve had over 26,000 visitors since our launch
  • There are currently over 170 posts to enjoy, in 30 different categories
  • Our blog has had almost 61,000 views
  • There has been over 9,000 shares of our content on various social media platforms–keep spreading the news!
  • On average, we have a little more than 150 folks coming to the site per day (this month our daily average rocketed to 689!)
  • Our most popular post of 2022 is “Discover Your Child’s Secret Learning Language with Legos”
  • So far, in 2023 our most popular post is this week’s “All the Sales and Discounts” with over 11,400 views in less than 2 days!

To celebrate, we’ll be having a very special giveaway! THREE WINNERS will each receive:

  • 3 Brain Games Books
  • Flip to Fun-Schooling
  • Praying for the World
  • Brain Booster Tea crafted by Sarah
  • A hand made pottery mug made by Sarah’s girls

To Enter:

  • Share this blog post
  • Comment below on this post on the blog, telling us what your favorite blog post has been this past year (be sure your email is provided in the comment)
  • Winners will be drawn on February 17th and given instructions via email on how to receive their prizes

22 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary (and a Giveaway to Celebrate!)

  1. I have recently discovered this blog so I’m still exploring and checking it out. My favorite post so far would have to be the one with the link to all the sales because it gave me the opportunity to find a bunch of great books for my daughters.

  2. I found the blog: From Anna: “Start Your 10,000-hour Journey” very inspirational. It also gave me a lot of hope for especially our oldest boy (13), who has ADHD and Aspergers and isn’t abel or interested in the ordinary education way.

  3. I particularly appreciated the Everything You Need to Know About Fun-Schooling blog. It was ver informative and helpful with how to use the journals! I especially was intrigued about the part about the Learning Languages! It makes so much sense! Truly appreciate these journals and our Fun-Schooling adventure!

  4. You and your family are so amazingly generous to share your time, talents, creations and story with all of us. This is my favorite blog, I love your YouTube videos and your Mom support group is the only FB group I visit everyday. It has all enriched my homeschool and family life in so many ways. Your family is such a blessing. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and faithfulness to the call God has placed on your lives.

  5. Thank you Sarah for inspiring all mom’s. My favorite blog post was about ” They are meant to be who they are ” I have a dyslexic child that struggles with school. I found this post so encouraging and I am trying to guide my daughter to be who she’s meant to be . She’s so artistic and creative I’m hoping I can help her find her true passion and she make a living out of that. And also I am helping her younger sister do the same. I find peace in watching your videos and reading your post. I recently bought your windows to our world book and can’t wait to read it. God bless!

  6. We have been following along for a few years now and it has been a pleasure watching the company grow! This blog was all that was missing. I love keeping up with it! My favorite post this year has been You Had Each Other First–Keep Each Other First! It was such a sweet and gentle reminder to put my husband well, first. Thank you for sharing your gift of words with us and encouraging us to be the best wife and mother we could be. Happy Anniversary!

  7. I appreciated the posts about Different Learning Styles.
    The whole blog, line of books and products, and sheer transparency with vulnerability are an encouragement to families. Thank you for sharing your gift of encouragement! Blessings abundant!

  8. Just received some of our first fun schooling books and I am so excited to share them with my kids! I’m very intrigued by this way of homeschooling and can’t wait to see how my children enjoy it.

    “Discover Your Child’s Secret Learning Language with Legos”
    Is such a great blog post!!

  9. Hi! Just wanted to pop in to say how generous all of your giveaways, posts, and this blog have been and how much we love having it in our lives! I’ve especially loved all of the asd/adhd posts like the “asd, adhd, oh my” with my kids new diagnosis. The core journals really do keep them in a routine and the spelling ones give them some fun in the routine. We’re happy to even have the opportunity for such a fantastic prize and my email is nicolefinch42@yahoo.com but thank you again for everything you do for the homeschool community and I also shared the post on my personal Facebook! 💚

  10. Hello Sarah I have a couple of your post that touched my heart, one was from last year about the why of mom schooling and the other one was one of your recent ones Why we love fun schooling. This is our 3rd yr homeschooling and 9,7 and 6. Honestly these years have been difficult, some days they were so chaotic and draining that I felt like quitting. About a month ago I discovered your books and your homeschool style and decided to give it a try. My 9 yr old old has adhd and dyslexia with a lot of difficulty to concentrate and complete tasks. He loves Minecraft and dislikes reading very much. I ordered the Minecraft reading journal for him and he loves it he started working on it immediately, ALONE!!! This itself has been a breathe for me. I ordered the princess journal for sister and she loves it as well and I also ordered one of the brain games books for me, I felt disappointed in the past but after reading your posts and getting to know this homeschool style gives me hope, I’m looking forward to get to know my children better through your books and help them to learn and grow on the areas they are interested in. I’m looking forward too to have time for me, to grow in faith and be inspired to be a better mom and a better guide to my family. Thank you so much for all.

  11. The learning languages post was probably my favorite. It helped me to think more deeply about how to help each of my children in the best way for them.

  12. I love the blog post where you explained how Funschooling came about. What an encouragement to moms who want their children home but feel overwhelmed. It was a very relatable post and so many moms and children benefit because of your work Sarah. What a lovely impact you are having on the world 💕

  13. Thank you for being so generous! I liked Anna’s recent post about starting 10,000 hours. We encourage entrepreneurship as well, but this is a new perspective!

  14. I really enjoyed the blog post titled “Reboot, Refresh, Succeed!”

    I find when it comes down to it, the root of why people don’t try something new and step out of their comfort zone is because of fear. As belivers in Christ we are commanded not to fear and its my prayer that I would continue to grow in that area each & every day.

    I am expecting our rainbow baby boy in less than a month (could be any day!) And going through this pregnancy I’ve been faced with different fears from past loss but have felt the Lord encouraing me to fully trust Him through the challenges & reminding me of the word He gave me about having this child.

    Thank you for sharing your struggles and sucess stories with us!

    I have a couple of the brain games books and find them to be so calming. Thanks for the chance to win such a special prize bundle!

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