Dyslexia Games: The “Brass Tacks”

Adults Love Them Too! 

Another surprise was how well received series C would be among adults. They primarily began completing them as a way to be a good example to an unmotivated student. As they got into the games, they saw results in their mental health and awareness. Dyslexic adults were sharing that they read a full-length novel for the first time in their adult life and no longer had symptoms of Dyslexia. 

In 2017 I began researching even more. I put together a tester group of moms and started working on Brain Games for teens and adults. These have had an incredible response. One of the books hit the top 200 of all books on Amazon! 

Anna is Now Thriving

As for Anna. She is now a young adult who is an avid reader and writer. Anna has helped to create dozens of Fun-Schooling journals and was a published writer as a young teen. Learning to read allowed her to pursue her passions and thrive as a writer and songwriter.

At 16 she began to write a full-length musical based on the life of Jesus- His Story the Musical. In 2018 it was released as a professionally recorded audio production and gained the attention of Broadway producers. At the time of this writing in 2022, His Story is undergoing a Broadway workshop. Anna is a role model for Dyslexic kids and adults, showing that Dyslexia doesn’t have to lead to a dead end.

Anna and my husband, Josh

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