Top Journals for Dyslexic Homeschoolers

Selecting materials for homeschooling a child with Dyslexia doesn’t have to be hard. We have over 300 journals written with a Dyslexia-friendly font. Your student can study all the required subjects and anything else they’re interested in.

While all of our journals are Dyslexia-friendly, we’ve found a few that are especially popular for Dyslexic kids- and adults.

Dyslexia Games

This is our most popular option for Dyslexia. It’s even used in schools and therapy centers. Not only does it help with symptoms of Dyslexia, it also helps with math, spelling, handwriting, logic, creative thinking skills, and more. Students may sometimes need to repeat a series, this is ok!

We offer three series-

Dyslexia Games Series A

Designed for use by new and struggling readers. Ages 5-8 is the most common age this series is used.
Is Series A for my child?
Can your child consistently read three letter words?  If not, Series A is the place to start, otherwise go for Series B to start.

Dyslexia Games Series B

For students who have foundational reading skills and struggle with grade-level reading/writing/spelling.

Is Series B for my child?

Can your child consistently read three letter words?  If so, Series B is where to start, otherwise, begin with Series A.
*After completing Series B, the student should no longer have reading confusion and will be ready for any normal curriculum or Series C.
*Students over 9 years old with serious spelling problems, should complete both Series B & C, but will not need Series A.

Dyslexia Games Series C

Students, and adults, who have problems with spelling, reading, writing, or math.

Is Series C best for my child?

Most dyslexic students over twelve years old can start with Series C and do not need to use Series A or B first. Some profoundly dyslexic 12+ year olds, may need to start at series C.

Dyslexia-Friendly Homeschool Curriculum Bundles

We have worked hard to carefully cultivate nine different curriculum bundles for homeschooled Dyslexic students. These contain everything your student needs for an entire year, including Dyslexia Games and suggested lesson plans.

While these each have a suggested grade, students can go up or down a couple of grades with no problems. If they see a bundle that delights their interest more and it’s not their “grade,” that’s fine. Make sure they’re getting the correct level of Dyslexia Games.

All of the journals in these bundles are also available individually via Amazon and most are available a PDFs on our website.

Peek Inside These Journals-

Check out our peek-inside video of a few of these journals from our private Facebook group.

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More About Fun-Schooling With Dyslexia

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About the Author- Amanda Osenga is a Fun-Schooling mom in Columbus Ohio. She is also the social media manager and Virtual Assistant for Thinking Tree. Her family combines Thinking Tree books with the Charlotte Mason method using books from Ambleside Online and Wildwood Curriculum. In her free time, Amanda is an avid reader and loves to be outdoors.

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