Tips for Using “Faces & Feelings”

Good news! Both covers are now available for this journal. The “Autism Spectrum” cover can be found here, and the “Faces and Feelings” cover can be found here.

Do you want to be super successful with this therapy?

Moms, you understand that kids learn best by example.

Please get one book for yourself and one for each of your children who need to understand feelings and facial expressions better.

Set up a cozy little station with drawing supplies, chocolate, a rock salt light, candle, a small mirror. Whatever feels cozy to you. Some drinks or even a tea making station. Just create a cozy spot.

Put the books in a little basket on the desk.
Light the candle, make the tea and go work on a couple pages in your book. Be an example of exactly what you hope your child will do with their book.

Invite the child to help you “figure out” what the face on the page represents. Ask your child to help you.

When you get to the page where you can write anything make up a little story about the five characters on the previous pages. Give them names and give them an adventure. In your story they can experience something that causes the feelings. Read the story to your child. Ask them to help you choose a name for each character.

The writing pages in the book do not dictate anything about how to use that page, we want the student to have freedom, but this is what I would do with it.

Don’t offer a copy of the book to your child on the first day. Just have a couple extras on the desk. If they don’t ask for one after helping you with yours you can offer it to them or just tell them it’s part of school.

If you feel like the child is going to resist you can let them know that they get to work on this book instead of math this week, or instead of a chore that they don’t enjoy. Keep it positive!

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