UPDATE 2/13/23: All the Sales and Discounts (with SEVEN MORE books added)!

NOTE: SOME OF THE BOOKS BELOW WERE NEVER MADE AVAILABLE OR NEVER DISCOUNTED BY AMAZON. THERE IS AN UPDATED LIST THAT CAN BE FOUND IN THIS POST: https://funschoolingwithsarah.com/2023/02/17/fun-schooling-super-sale-extended-through-sunday-new-books-added-to-the-list/

There is an awful lot going on with sales and discounts on all things Fun-Schooling this week! You’ll want to be sure and join the Fun-Schooling with Thinking Tree Books Mom’s Homeschooling Support Group on Facebook so you don’t miss any of these posts, as well as TONS of announcements, giveaways, drawings, and contests. It’s a very busy time!

Here are all the books currently on sale that are available (some may not have been marked down by Amazon yet), with Sarah’s affiliate links hyperlinked so she’ll get the most profit from each sale. The entire sale will be live until midnight on February 14th.

4 thoughts on “UPDATE 2/13/23: All the Sales and Discounts (with SEVEN MORE books added)!

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  3. We’ve really enjoyed thinking tree, and I’m excited to try some books I wouldn’t have otherwise. I’m so glad others will get a chance to try it who wouldn’t have been able/willing to without these deep discounts. I pray this all works out in your family’s favor as well.

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