Pollyanna, Anna and Fun-Schooling

I feel like I’m starting to discover why God has me in Italy without my piano. Before I start to create there are things He wants to teach me.

I’ve felt called for a long time to art that leads people to truth. I know what music, stories, poetry, paintings and sculptures are capable of because I’ve felt it. For good and evil. For truth and lies.

I know that art can twist and distort culture and also purify and redeem it.

I know art can bring both rebellion and revival. It’s always been that way. Art has always been and outward expression of what is within, with the power to affect what is within someone else.

Think of Aaron’s golden calf, that was created to be worshiped, opposed to Bezalel’s golden cherubim, that was created to inspire worship.

One against God, one for Him.

We as the images of God have this great opportunity to create, not only for the sake of the gospel, but also simply for the delight of God.

Remember, the Lord brought the animals to Adam just to see what he might name them.

That says a lot to me.

Yesterday I started reading “How Should We Then Live?” and I don’t know how else to describe it except to say this book is a kindred spirit.

I am so wildly stirred about what God is going to do in my generation. We already see breakthrough in the arts with spirit-led bands like Maverick City, and the prophetic painting that’s encouraged in UPPERROOM and Jesus image. But I have a deep sense this is only the beginning.

Passion for Jesus and the realization that art has power will ignite believers not only to start creating, as it is in our nature to do, but to start pursuing excellence and mastery for the sake of the gospel.

Evangelistic art, music, writing.

Do we not realize it is the arts that will draw people’s eyes towards truth or lies? Jesus knew this and so he told stories to reveal God.

I feel like we are so fixed on the idea that the state and worship of our hearts is all that matters to God that we have allowed our hands to go limp and lazy, and our mind to become stagnant and fruitless.

If we don’t pick up the pencil, pen, brush, chisel, or instrument, the devil will keep painting his own take on our generation.

For our kids to become this reflective and focused, they must be allowed “just to live”. Fun-Schooling is the perfect way to facilitate it!

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