The Fun-Schooling Story: How We Began

Unlike other entrepreneurs, I never intended to start a company. My goal was to help my children develop a love of learning while simplifying homeschooling. I was tired of having a million notebooks for school. They all got mixed up. Kids couldn’t keep track of their stuff. Frustrated and overwhelmed, I decided to create a solution. There was no way I could have imagined my solution would turn into a business that would change homeschooling for thousands of families.

How Fun-Schooling Began

We were preparing for an international move and I was pregnant with baby number 10. I needed a way to have everything for my children’s education in one place. Nobody enjoyed having separate notebooks for math, copywork, spelling, narrations, nature study, history- you know the drill!  I also wanted my children to be able to be more independent with their schoolwork while I tended to the baby. I decided to use the ability Amazon offers to self-print books and create something different for my children.

The first Fun-Schooling journal was made for my children to use. We designed different pages based on all the subjects I wanted to make sure they covered. I added beautiful artwork- to keep them engaged and provide brain breaks by coloring. I broke each section up with a “start your day” page so they’d know how many pages to do at a time. When it was all said and done, I created a journal my children could use on their own, pursue anything they wanted to learn about, and cover everything.

We uploaded the file to Amazon and a few days later got our first journals in the mail. My family was thrilled. The kids loved having everything in one place. It turned out to be extra helpful for my children who were a bit more forgetful! I loved not having to remind them to cover different subjects or trying to keep track of which kid had done what every day. The kids were enjoying school more than they ever had before and I had much less stress. 

In the coming weeks, we shared our journals with a few homeschooling friends. Because of Amazon’s printing service, we could give them the link to get one for themselves. Before we knew it, we were getting checks from Amazon in the mail. Our friends told their friends and, as the story goes, a company was born before our eyes!

Our newest release available on Amazon!

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