Fun-Schooling 101: Counting the Cost

So, what kind of price tag will you anticipate if you choose Fun-Schooling?

Understand that we make good use of the public library and also videos found on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo that are already easily and readily accessible. Little extras can be purchased at Dollar Tree or during the back-to-school sales at your favorite variety store extremely economically.

Average costs for our student Fun-Schooling Bundles range from about $70-$300, the higher end reflecting the inclusion of Dyslexia Games books, when needed. For convenience, payments can be made on these bundles. In addition, we have very frequent giveaways and discounts posted in our Facebook support group, so you want to make sure and join us there!

Best of all? There is no “cost” in being exposed to unwanted agendas, toxic philosophies, social challenges, or being subjected to books, materials, and instruction that contradict what you prefer as a family. And there are countless lasting benefits for your children in establishing a healthy view of self esteem and worth and enjoying the closeness of family time in the safe environment of your own loving home.

So, what are you waiting for?

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