Sarah’s Mom Tips: Teaching the Littles

When my littlest girls were 2 and 3, they loved getting hold of the older kids Fun-Schooling journals, and helping me with Mom School. I made several Fun-Schooling journals for my preschoolers. It doesn’t matter if they color well, or write letters yet. It’s a chance to become familiar with words and letters and numbers with no pressure. It’s fun. And they learn simple skills.

One thing that is most important at this age is your example. So color and work together in their journal. They can’t write letters yet, but they can watch you do it and learn from your example. When you work in the journal it’s a chance for conversation about colors, numbers, animals, letters, sounds… feelings…

Learning at this age is all about play, exposure to vast learning experiences, exploring their world, and asking questions.

It is also essential that you show an example of reading, writing and calculating so they will have an understanding that these skills matter. When you are doing things on your phone you might as well be playing Candy Crush. Read books and magazines, write real notes and letters. Use a Mom School journal. Talk about recipes and include them in the kitchen and garden.

Learning isn’t about desks and workbooks… the world is your classroom.

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