Sarah’s Mom Tips – How to Inspire Your Child to Learn to Read

My girls 7, 9 and 10 are all using the same Reading and Research book. It works great for all of them because the ten year old recently learned English, the nine year old has symptoms of Dyslexia and the seven year old just wants to do what the bigger sisters are doing. So she tries to keep up.

I don’t worry much about reading before age 9. The longer they play the better! When my children start asking me “Mom, how do you spell…?” That’s when I know they are ready for reading. When a child is ready to learn to read it’s so easy to help them.

When it comes to learning to read there shouldn’t be a struggle. Dyslexic children and creative kids struggle because we are trying to teach them too soon. Dyslexia Games helps prepare the mind for reading and writing without stress, and helps to teach reading in a self directed way that works for creative kids.

Still, sometimes the brain just isn’t ready for the job of reading before age 9 (for some it may be age 11, kids who learn to read late tend to be very artistic and creative.)

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  1. I’m curious what type of dyslexia you’ve dealt with before? My child is profoundly dyslexic, suffering from multiple types of eye to brain connection disorders. He will NEVER be able to easily read from none-adapted text. To LEARN to read he requires massive accommodations and focused, research based instruction. He is 10.5. He DESIRES to be able to read but his brain (dyslexia) literally cannot do so in a typical world. Saying that we are just pushing him to read too early, isn’t accurate. My husband also has dyslexia, although not all 3 types, so not profoundly, like our child. He STILL makes accommodations for himself and requires daily practice if he is to keep him oral reading capabilities up. The dyslexic brain can’t be rewired or “waited out” and MUST practice and learn strategies for compensation.
    I’m curious about how you feel about that information, based on the comment in this post, as a Mom who is interested in your Dyslexia Games content for my own child.

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