Fun-Schooling Fans, We Need Your Help!

Hi Friends, could you pray for a quick resolution of a serious problem? We publish our books through Amazon and over 50% of our family income comes from Amazon sales, along with royalties we pay out to many other authors including several missionaries.

Amazon has glitches because it is managed by robots and algorithms and they mistakenly deleted our entire publishing account and say they will not pay us our royalties for all the books sold over the past 60 days.

This kind of thing has happened before and creates serious issues. And it’s very unethical.

So please pray it gets resolved. Last time it happened we didn’t get it resolved until the concern got to Jeff Bezos desk. But it did because so many of our customers complained.

You can still get our books through Rainbow Resources and PDFs through

If you are one of our customers who orders through Amazon you can help us by writing to Jeff and telling him that you love our Thinking Tree Books by Sarah Janisse Brown.

Email for direct attention from Bezos or his Executive Team.

It actually worked last time.

4 thoughts on “Fun-Schooling Fans, We Need Your Help!

  1. I came here directly after getting ready to purchase all our funschooling books for this semester of homeschool…only to find they had all completely disappeared!!!!
    I knew there had to be something going on. This is so sad. Even the used copies are completely removed. Will be emailing now!!!

  2. Here is the email I just sent him:

    I am writing you for attention over a very serious issue. I had many Thinking Tree “Funschooling” books in my account ready to purchase only to find they had completely disappeared from your entire site – nowhere to be found!
    I figured something was amiss and logged on to the authors website (Sarah Janisse Brown) to find she was notified there was a glitch in your system and her account was deleted yet no one is reinstating it or paying her royalties.
    There are SO MANY of us that depend on her books to school our children – including myself. How will I give my children their education this semester???
    Please reinstate her account and do right by her.
    Give Amazon its reputation back!
    Thank you,
    Tiffany Sizemore

  3. Hello, I was just having the same issue! I need to purchase new books and I rely on this curriculm for one of my kids at least and they are all gone! Whats going on?

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