Dyslexia Games and the Fight Against Brain Fog (Part 1)

            And the success and positive reviews continued into week two. Sheri was finding herself more “focused and clear-headed” and no longer “spacing out or tuning things out as much”. Danielle found that it was not only helping her be less anxious and more creative, but stated that, “Having these daily pages is helping me remember and reawakening my old self.” What a beautiful outcome; a reconnection to who you were before the busyness and fogginess of life took over! There were countless reports of people being driven and organized, and many homes and pantries, attics and garages were sorted and cleaned over the course of this experiment! It seemed the games were helping moms to find a new lease on life; to be more focused, less tired and to really start being present, enjoying their lives more and not just passing through every day in a haze. Jessica said, “I can’t believe how much this is helping! I admit I was pretty skeptical at first, but I am definitely noticing a marked difference. I have more energy and motivation and less brain fog and confusion!”

            Into week three the positive outcomes kept coming. The results of this trial were so much better than anticipated! Makenzie raved that, “Ive definitely noticed my anxiety is much lower and Im able to more easily use mindfulness and grounding techniques to work through anxious moments because my brain is no longer all muddled. I was not expecting it to help with my anxiety (actually anticipated it would make it worse). I hadnt realized how much brain fog and cognitive function struggles were impacting my anxiety! Ive tried various meds, diets, routines and nothing had helped. I finally feel like there is hope and I dont have to live life reactive to my anxiety and mental health struggles.”

            Who knew that doing some simple yet strategic coloring and engaging with a few pages of puzzles a day could have such a profound impact on someone’s life?!

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Sarah Janisse Brown - Morning Light
Sarah Janisse Brown, Creator of Dylexia Games/Art & Logic Therapy

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