11 Simple Games for Mixed Groups of Children, Ages 2 and Up

Traditional Games for Little Ones:

Those are the games we made up with our children, though I’m sure they are not original, they are our favorites!  And you don’t need to buy anything, and there are no losers, like in musical chairs.  

 7. I spy – The child says “I see something blue” and everyone tries to guess what it is, winner goes next.

8. Telephone – When you have 5 people or more everyone sits in a circle and one person whispers a sentence into the ear of the person to their right.  Everyone passes along the message, the last person says the sentence loudly to the whole group, and everyone laughs.

9. Hot or Cold – Mom hides a toy in the room, and the child tries to find it.  Mom gives a clue – as they move towards the location of the hidden toy mom says “Warmer… Warmer… Hot!” Then is the child veers in the wrong direction mom says “You are getting colder… colder… freezing… you are turning into an ice cube!”  My mom played this game with me when I was little.  This works best with just one child.

10. Nature Scavenger Hunt – Give each team (or player) a list of items (words or pictures) that can be found in a park or back yard, and a bag to collect the items. Everyone goes looking for common items like:

Yellow leaf
Round Stone
Twig shaped like a letter
Something red
Something tiny
Something that smells good

Set a timer if you want to. When everyone finds their items, gather the group together to see each collection.  When you are finished with the hunt, you can use the found items to play memory, what is missing, sorting games, matching games! 

11. Memory – Collect an assortment of any 7 to 10 items.  Arrange all the items on a tray, everyone looks at the objects and tries to remember each one.  Take the tray away and remove one item.  Who can be the first to remember what is missing?  That player gets to remove the next item.

Just for You:

12. Mommy Questions – Wait! I thought there were only 11.  Well, this game is for you. 
To Play: Write your “Mommy Question” for me in the comments section, and when I (a mom of ten) have some free time I will post my answer!

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