How My Fun-Schooling Story Began in a Library

‘Cause I wasn’t just a child
With a pile of dusty books to read.
The librarian would smile
Each time that she saw me
Lost between the aisles, 
Like I was lost in far off lands–
I’d wander for a while,
And I rarely had a plan.

For the books they opened wonders–
Secret portals only known
To the authors and the readers
Who put down their phones,
Who looked up from the flashing screen
To turn the TV down,
To lose themselves in literacy
And find that they’ve been found.

And I became courageous
And I discovered who I was made to be,
And the sky it had no limits
In my local library.
And high education soared,
From the deepest depths I found–
When I was free to hold the card
And simply look around.

I was trusted with my future
And I was helped along the way
By librarians, artists, authors
Who had something more to say.
For they treasured the gift of stories
And they offered words and art, you see–
My future and my history
Page by page, revealed to me.

I had something far more valuable
Than a university’s degree–
I had a wise librarian
And my local library.
And I unlocked my spirit
And let my curiosity run free,
And I discovered who I was
And all that I could be.

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