What is Your Calling?

What’s your calling? This matters. Do you know yourself?

While raising 15 children, and mentoring many parents and children over the years, I’ve always tried to encourage parents to focus on four different areas. These areas are: the child’s learning style, talents, passions and calling.

These four areas are each unique and important!

All four of these factors are essential to a person’s education! Yet these things are so personal that schools generally overlook them and opt for standardization because it would be impossible to customize each child’s learning experience based on their vast individuality.

As homeschooling parents we have a precious privilege and opportunity to base our child’s education around their calling!

I have not taken time yet to speak about the concept of preparing a child for their calling. I’m still trying to figure it out! What is their purpose? What are their dreams for how they will influence the world around them?

So let’s start the conversation.

A person’s calling is their drive to make a difference. There are probably countless callings, but I have decided to narrow it down to the seven that I feel “called” to nurture in my children, in order to equip them to become who they were meant to be.

Here are the seven callings. Think about what callings stir most deeply in your own heart, and then consider where your children shine! You can generally see sparks of calling in children from a very young age! Watch them play for clues!

Are you Called?

1. Called to Nurture (Parenting, Family Care, Community Care, Medical care, therapeutics, natural healing, nursing care, nature care.)

2. Called to Lead (Political Leadership, Business Leadership and Community Leadership)

3. Called to Serve (Volunteering, Religious Service, Military Service, Community Service)

4. Called to Create (Arts, Entertainment, Performance, Design, Building, Invention, Solutions, Innovative Technology)

5. Called to Equip (Education, Teaching, Training, Mentoring)

6. Called to Produce (Business, Economics, Investing, Food Production, Entrepreneurship, Product Production, Wealth, Prosperity, Provision)

7. Called to Communicate (Journalism, Advertising, Marketing, Broadcasting, News Media, Publishing, Radio, Podcasting, Public Speaking, Authorship, Social Media, Film Making, Satire, Sales, YouTubing.

So, let’s start with YOU. What are your TOP TWO callings!!! Then think about your family members. Join the conversation for a chance to win your next book!!!

4 thoughts on “What is Your Calling?

  1. I think equipping and communicating are my main two…but I’ve got healthy portions of several more, too. Deciding my main two actually is very helpful in allowing me to feel less distracted, so thank you for forcing me into this corner! <3

  2. My top 2 are definitely nurture and serve. I have always wanted to care for children and it extends to others’ children as well as my own and ministries like AHG. I can see things in my oldest son! I would say his top 2 are create and equip. He has such a thoughtful creative mind, he’s always making up something! And…he loves teaching others things he has learned like rope work or fishing basics etc. Great challenge to think on these things more deeply! 🥰👍

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