Can you Fun-School with Textbooks & Boxed Curriculum?

One of the top questions we get is how to combine our journals with textbooks and boxed curriculum. We hope this information will help you learn how to do just that in your homeschool!

  • What is meant by boxed curriculum?
    • These are curricula put together w/ a specific schedule, scope/sequence, and structure. 
    • It is the most “traditional” method of homeschooling. 
    • They may or may not actually come in a box 🙂 
    • May cover one subject or be a set curriculum for multiple subjects
  • Textbooks
    • Most often used for middle and high school
    • Can be used in younger ages too
    • If your student is college-bound, many families like to use some textbooks to get their students used to them
      • We have college students use our journals to document their learning, organize notes, and make things more fun! 
  • How to Fun-School with these materials
    • You don’t need a textbook or other curricula to Fun-School. Most often families come to Fun-Schooling and want to use up what they already have so they look to combine.
      • All you need are library books, documentaries/podcasts, and sometimes internet access.
      • There are about 30,000 of you on the group and thousands more who aren’t here. 
      • Everyone does things a little differently and that’s great! 
    • One option is to use a core/pocket core journals to document learning on lots of subjects. Works great w/ textbook or curriculum.
    • Many families like to use the curriculum as a loose guide and prefer to have their students go at their own pace and use the journals to answer questions, make notes, etc. 
    • Choose journals that go along with the subject you’re studying. Check the video below for suggestions on journals to use for each subject alongside your preferred curricula or text book.

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What questions do you have about Fun-Schooling with textbooks and boxed curriculum? Do you have any tips for other families? Share in the comments!

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