Fun-Schooling + Different Educational Methods

Below are all of the videos and info on Fun-Schooling with different educational methods we talked about this past school year. Leave any additional questions in the comments!

Charlotte Mason-
What is Charlotte Mason?
Charlotte Mason + Fun-Schooling
Peek Inside Charlotte Mason Inspired Journals-

What is Unschooling?
Unschooling + Fun-Schooling
Peek inside Unschooling-friendly journals

Holiday School-
What is Holiday School?
Peek inside Holiday School journals

What is Waldorf?
Waldorf + Fun-Schooling
Peek Inside Waldorf-Friendly Journals

Delight Directed-
What is Delight Directed Learning?
Delight Directed Learning + Fun-Schooling
Peek Inside Delight Directed- Friendly Journals

What is Montessori?
Montessori + Fun-Schooling
Peek Inside Montessori-Friendly Journals

Unit Studies-
What are Unit Studies?
How to set up a Fun-Schooling Unit Study

Reggio Emilia-
What is Reggio Emilia?
Reggio Emilia + Fun-Schooling and Peek inside Reggio-friendly Journals

Fun-Schooling with Textbooks and Boxed Curriculum

Last school year we did grade-by-grade Fun-Schooling tips, ideas, and info. You can find those videos here-

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