Creatively Organizing

You have all these amazing Fun-Schooling journals…how do you organize it all? The books are beautiful, colorful and engaging…a delight to the eye! So here are some fun ways to display them for ease of use. If you have the luxury of a large wall space, you can use floating shelves like these above.

We gathered some ideas from some of the amazing members of our Mom’s Fun-Schooling Support Group. You can choose to shop wherever you prefer–these ideas are mainly for inspiration. 🙂

Some members like Bern Bright like hanging wall units. Hers are below. Here are some cute chicken wire baskets and more choices for horizontal options.

Carmen Kloppers mentioned plastic magazine holders like these, which have room for your journal plus other resources, pencils, pens, etc. Easy to find what you need, because they are transparent. Here is something similar. Here is one for multiple books.

Jenna Sheridan mentioned, “When I was first looking around in this group I remember a mom saying she prints the covers from every PDF and has them in a binder the kids can “shop” at the beginning of the year to pick what they want.” Great idea!

Schooling on the go? Alex Romano mentioned getting a great book bag, and Bethany Messer offered the option of even repurposing a good diaper bag. Here is a terrific, sturdy option that is really roomy and has lots of pockets for pens, pencils, gadgets and other items. Sarah Nguyen mentioned upcycling an old scrapbooking bag. Brilliant!

Another idea for organizing things in a portable fashion is to use a large shower caddy that has a longer compartment which can hold multiple journals/notebooks and smaller compartments for writing tools, art supplies, sticky notes, index cards, etc. Here is one option.

Samantha Anderson mentioned rolling carts. There are lots of options available, but this one with additional hanging baskets is ideal for all the art supplies we use in Fun-Schooling!

Finally, Jenessa Boothby provided some ideas of how to “strew” books in a way that is inviting and engaging for our children. You can come to the Facebook group and see many beautiful way in which Sarah utilizes this method in her home: