Fun-Schooling with Food- November journals on SALE now

This month, is all about food!!

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Cooking, baking, and growing your own- we’re covering all things food journals this month.

Food Journals

We believe teaching children to cook is a crucial life skill. And in the Fun-Schooling community, we have lots of amazing chefs. It’s been our joy to create several food-based journals for your children to enjoy. The links below will take you to peek inside videos so you can see exactly what’s in these wonderful journals.

  • Adventures Around the World– Learn about culture, history, and yes- food- for over two dozen countries.
  • Garden Research Handbook– The essential guide for maintaining a thriving garden. This is one of our most in-depth research journals yet.
  • The Baker’s Fun-Schooling Journal– Perfect for students majoring in baking or who want to hone their skills a bit more.
  • The Chef’s Fun-Schooling Journal– A core journal for Chef’s of all ages and stages. This has become a popular Mom School journal too.
  • Smoothie Time– Math, Home Economics, Nutrition, and Smoothies!! Students will make over a dozen smoothies and gain skills to be more comfortable in the kitchen at the same time.
  • Wilderness Adventure Handbook– Students will learn about foraging for wild edibles and how to survive outdoors.
  • Yum-School– Make 15 different dessert recipes with visual instructions. Perfect for introducing students to cooking and honing skills in experienced cooks. Includes guides for adapting recipes based on allergies and dietary needs.


Paperbacks & E-Books – up to 30% off

PDFs – up to 50% off

What questions do you have about Fun-Schooling and cooking?

What resources are your students (or you) using alongside these journals?

Help other moms out and let us know in the comments.

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