The Faces–Not Just the Feast or Festivities

Thanksgiving 2017

It’s so very easy to get wrapped up in all the shopping, menus, and special trappings of the holiday season. Let’s look for new, creative ways to make memories and love others this year.

The holidays can be hard for some, particularly those who have suffered a loss. If you have someone who needs to know that they are loved, get our Little Book of Letters from Your Friends for them and pass it around to all their friends and family.

If you have a friend who is moving, in the hospital, expecting a new baby, going through a trial, or suffering from loss – they need to know that they are loved and remembered. You and your mutual friends can fill this little book with letters, verses, poems, prayers and affirmations. How wonderful it would be to open up this little book while experiencing a lonely moment, in the waiting room or on a plane.

This book can also be used as a book of celebration and courage! If someone you love is celebrating an important event, like a graduation, or moving to a new place, this book can become a wonderful keepsake full of encouragement and celebration. If someone you love is having a birthday, fill this book with blessings for the new year!

What could be more special than a book of letters from the ones you love? Think about the people in your life who need to be remembered or celebrated. Light up their lives with a little book of letters. This book will become a priceless treasure.

Sometimes we need to give a gift that reminds our loved ones of how precious they are. In a digital world, sometimes we need to put our love on paper.

Pick up some colored pencils and gel pens to give along with this book. This book has some beautiful coloring pages that can bring peace and joy to your friend during quiet moments.

This is the perfect gift for anyone whose love language is “Words of Affirmation” or “Gifts”.

Preparing for Thanksgiving (and a GREAT free tip on resizing journals!)

Thanksgiving all together in 2020

With November right around the corner, thoughts for many of us turn toward Thanksgiving. Want to encourage a thankful heart year-round? Here is the perfect journal!

This is a Coloring Book, Doodle Book, Journal and Prayer Book for busy women and girls. Use one page per day, for 10 to 20 minutes. Add your own inspiring quotes, prayers and verses.

There is a verse on the back cover from the Old Testament about being thankful. This verse the only scripture reference. Everything else is “do-it-yourself” and you can choose your own words of inspiration each day to write down.

Be thankful every day! This is a wonderful little book to help you develop a thankful heart. Life is better when you remember everything you have to give thanks for! Be thankful every day of the year!

Read some lovely reviews (and enjoy a flip-through) here!

This is one of our handy, purse-sized journals. Want a tip to show you how to make any of our PDFs into this cozy little size? Read on for a tip from Amanda Osenga.

Simply put, it’s a setting in Adobe when you print- it’s under Page Sizing & Handling. Then you fold the pages in half and it makes it like a booklet. Amanda has found about 40 pages at a time is a good size for her homeschool.

Here is a link to the full instructions from Adobe if you’d like them: