Write a Review!

Do you LOVE Fun-Schooling journals? Then we want to hear from you, and we have a brand new feature at our website to help you do it!

This is a big need right now, as we have lost access to the reviews we had available on Amazon. Homeschool moms coming to our website want to hear what you love about our books! Here are some helpful pointers.

Go to the site, and click the option to Write a Review in the lower right corner:

What kinds of things should you mention? Here are some suggestions:

–It’s helpful to tell what age(s) of your students who are using the item.

–Tell something from the child’s perspective about why it is interesting, engaging, exciting to them.

–Suggest how to use the journal, as far as what kinds of resources you’ve partnered with it.

–You can mention structural or artistic aspects that are appealing.

–Talk about particular elements in the journal that you enjoy, like the spelling and vocabulary-building, puzzles, projects, etc.

Here is a sample of a review I left for the Rocks and Minerals journal:

Please be patient after you click “Submit” for the review to upload to the platform.

THANK YOU for helping us help other Fun-Schooling moms!