After Dyslexia Games…What Next?

After using, what’s NEXT? Still struggling? Let’s talk about a program called Learn Reading from

1. Some kids are ready to jump right into a typical grade level curriculum after using one set of Dyslexia Games.

2. Some kids were so far behind that they need to move right on to Dyslexia Games Series B or C to get on grade level.

3. Some kids transition beautifully to a Core Curriculum Journal and Fun-Schooling Spelling Journal.

4. Some kids, because of a unique combination of challenges, need to continue serious therapy, but can’t afford an tutor or an expensive intensive therapy. And that’s what I want to talk about…

You have tried everything. Dyslexia Games helped your child make a lot of progress, but they still don’t grasp reading because they seem unable to comprehend phonics, and it isn’t coming naturally.

I’ve discovered a wonderful resource I’d like to share with you. I love it so much I partnered with the author to help her reach more kids!

I’d like to introduce you to an affordable AND enjoyable program called “Learn Reading” it’s a perfect next step after Dyslexia Games for kids with serious reading disorders who need extra help.

Learn More: https://thinkingtree–