Equipping Our Children in a Rapidly Changing World

Musings with Amanda Osenga

If you’d have told me at age 12 what my job would be as a blogger and virtual assistant. I’d have had 0% framework for any of it other than writing & a bit of the computer piece. The overwhelming majority of what I do and the tools I use didn’t exist when I was 12.

If you’d have told my Dad at 12 what his future as an electrical engineer would look like, he’d have had almost no framework for it. Computers were giant things that took up entire rooms. Most of what Dad used in his job, didn’t exist when he was 12.

If you’d have told my Grandparents at age 12 about the massive technological changes they’d see in working life, I think their heads would have spun, or they’d have not believed you.

My Great Grandmother passed away in the early 2000s at 102 years old. She went from having no electricity to playing solitaire on my laptop with me in college. The amount of change her generation saw was astounding. Her life at 12 was vastly different than previous generations.

If you’d have told any generation before my Great Grandparents about their future careers, they’d have, by and large, known exactly what you were talking about. They grew up with remarkably little change compared to the last 100ish years.

I can do my best to equip and prepare my 12-year-old for his life to come. I can help him build the skills he’ll need and show him technology. Most likely, it won’t be anything even remotely close to what he’s using by my age.

The best I can do for him is teach him how to learn. How to adapt. How to question and wonder what technology is right for him. How to manage stress, rapid change, transition, and an ever-changing culture This is what we’re tasked with as parents, adults, and leaders for the next generation.

It feels like a lot. And I’m glad to be doing it with all of you as we navigate this warp-speed world together for ourselves and our kids.