Ukraine: 5 Practical Ways to Help

#1 Don’t be quick to believe, follow, share, or embrace ANY political or media-based opinion about this war. Simply seek to love, help, pray for, support and encourage those whose lives are turned upside down by Putin’s attack.

I have no political perspective and don’t support the political agenda of any of the chess players, yet they control the game.

My prayer is that the war will shrink, and that it will not become a multi-national war of allied countries on both sides.

#2 Pray for both the Russian citizens and Ukrainian citizens who are being hurt by bombs, guns, or sanctions. The elite figures controlling the chessboard rarely suffer. It’s the innocent people on both sides that suffer.

#3 Understand. This isn’t a war between Russia and Ukraine. This is a war between the people moving the chess pieces around the board. This was not wanted by the pawns, soldiers, civilians and relief workers who are suffering and dying. Even the Russian soldier is someone’s precious son sent to war, and could be a nineteen-year-old who has family and friends in Ukraine!

#4 Give wisely! I encourage everyone to seek personal connections they can help assist. Avoid giving to giant humanitarian organizations that are wasteful and politically motivated. Samaritan’s Purse does great good wherever they go. My family has volunteered with this organization, and when my five Ukrainian children were still in the orphanage, Samaritan’s Purse was there for them!

Support the efforts of the people who are on the ground in Ukraine and the border counties taking care of refugees.

Because dozens of our Thinking Tree Team Members are working and living in Ukraine I have several trusted connections. They are people whose voices I know, whose work I have seen, whose hearts I trust. Many of them have written and authored Thinking Tree Books. When we were volunteering in Ukraine we decided to help several missionaries publish books with us so they could be supported financially through royalties. The income has been a great blessing, especially now.

Part of our work in Ukraine was to train teenagers caught in the cycle of poverty to become illustrators. More than half of Thinking Tree’s books are illustrated by Ukrainian teens and young adults. These individuals have become beacons of light in their communities, generous and empowering to others!

#5 Buy Ukrainian Made Products that help support Ukrainians! That might be tricky! It’s not like buying things “Made in China”! This is easy if you Homeschool! So far we have raised over $4000 selling Fun-Schooling PDFs, and are able to wire or PayPal the funds for immediate use, by the people feeding and housing refugees.

We have not asked for our customers to give without reciprocal blessings. We have just made you all aware that when you use a certain code we donate $5 to volunteers. When you buy certain books, our Ukrainian team members get royalties, and I’ve been sending out PDF royalties quickly.

The author of Wild Wildernesses Survival Journal, Aiden Potter, and his wife, are leaving in a few days to assist with refugees. They will be joining Joel and Katya Brown, the authors of Yum-Schooling. They currently have at least 18 displaced people in their home. We have given them over $2000 so far.

If you would like the PayPal information for any of my contacts working in Ukraine, just ask. I would also encourage you to see if anyone connected with your church is in need of support.

Thank you, and God bless you for your interest and prayers!