Struggling Homeschooler to Delighting in Marine Biology

Today Heather P. shares with us how Fun-Schooling transformed her daughter’s homeschooling. Her daughter went from an unmotivated learner to diving into studying Marine Biology. She wouldn’t write a sentence and now she’s making her own book!

We had homeschooled for almost 3 years before trying out Fun-Schooling books in February. My oldest has always been incredibly bright, but school was a struggle every day. She loves to read but always hated writing. It was a fight every day to try to get her to write anything for school.

For the last 3 years, she has dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. When I surprised her with the marine biology Fun-Schooling book she had such a look of joy on her face. Soon she was wanting to write down her findings about the different marine animals.

Now she will even write her own stories, poems, etc outside of the Fun-Schooling books. 1 year ago she would fight me to write one sentence. Now she is writing her own graphic novel. After seeing how much she loved the marine biology book I also got her the all about sharks and all about dolphins books. She loves all 3 and is working through all of them right now.

We use a membership to the aquarium, documentaries on curiosity stream, a podcast called big deep, and just about every ocean book our local library has lol.


Thanks, Heather for sharing your daughter’s journey with us.

Find the journals her daughter is using below as well as our other Fun-Schooling Marine Biology journals.

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Celebrating Science & Technology

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When Your Children Love the Sea…

When you visit the ocean you can try to understand your place in a bigger story.

The waves keep rolling in, washing away my footprints. The sun rises higher, like it does every day. The tide comes in as usual. The heat rises and falls. The shadows lengthen and shrink.

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See a flip through of our All About Oceans Marine Biology Handbook here: