Hello God…

Hello God,

What can I do for you today?

Is there something that You wanted me to say? Somewhere to go?

Just name the place.

Is there someone

Who needs to feel your love right now?

Is there someone who needs to know

That You are there, right now?

Hello God,

It’s me again, Your daughter,

Your girl, and Your sweet friend.

I’m checking in again,

To see what You wanted to begin,

And what needs to come to an end.

I was wondering if there is anything

In me, that You wanted to change.

I wanted to check with You,

What’s new?

Hello God,

I’m looking up at Your stars,

Yeah, the ones You made.

I don’t have to search far,

To see what You’ve been doing.

I don’t have to fear what will be,

Cause I know that You

Are always here with me.

And I can hold Your hand

And go wherever You lead

And I’ll go anywhere,

Knowing You will never leave.

You will be with me.

Hello God,

I just want to say

That I am thankful.

And I just want to say

That You are faithful.

How could I ever be afraid?

How could I ever turn away?

How could I ever fear or doubt?

Even when I let go of faith,

You kept holding on.

You were there to show me,

That even when I’m weak

You are strong.

Even when I doubt,

You stay true,

Even when I try to hide,

You find me there, and You are always there

Listening and loving me,

Through every whispered prayer.

Hello God,

It’s been a few years now,

Since I first said “yes”

And You offered me Your hand.

You promised me that You had plans,

And You said that You would go beyond

Every hope and dream,

More than I could ask or think,

And all I really had to do

Was come and follow You.

You did it all for me,

So I could say “I do, I am, I will.

My life is yours to fill.”

All I am, all I have,

It isn’t much, without Your touch.

And once again I open up my heart, my hands,

my mind, my plans,

And I look up to say “I still do,

I still am, I still will.”

By Sarah Janisse Brown, 12/7/2017