Talking to a Child About Babies, Abortion, Puppies and Adoption

From Sarah’s Facebook posts:

So many women feel pressure from family, friends, lovers, coworkers and even their boss to abort their child for the sake of convenience. Many people say it’s the right of each woman to choose, but some women feel so much pressure from loved ones and authorities that they give in to an abortion when they wanted to choose life! Often, abortion was not her choice, it was manipulation. And these days a lot of people are manipulating others into making personal choices against their own values, beliefs and best interests… all for convenience.

Here in the USA we are so insulated from much of the pain, injustice and suffering in the rest of the world…across the ocean or even a few miles away. So often we surround ourselves with comforts and we close our eyes to the things that break the heart of God. Until suffering or injustice strikes close to home we just don’t see it. Let’s open our eyes and not turn from their cries. God open my eyes.

I want my heart to break for the things that break the heart of God – the suffering of millions of orphans, the devastation of millions in slavery, children sold into prostitution, and the baby surrendered to painful abortion by her desperate mother (a mother who needed hope, help and love). What can we do for them? They need our love. They must not be forgotten. What can my family do? We must do something, Jesus would. Jesus is calling.

Support both the mother and her child the best you can, or send her to me or any other loving and supportive person who values human life.

How many of us were UNPLANNED? It doesn’t mean our lives are trash just because we were a momentary inconvenience.

I am tired of hearing from my friends how their own MOTHERS tried to convince them that abortion was their only option or else they would be disowned from the family.

What’s a better way to support a daughter in need?

Would some of you chime in an offer some alternative options to the well-meaning individuals who are rejecting someone else’s pregnancy?

Life is precious from the very beginning. If you agree please be praying for all the children at risk, but also their mothers who have very hard choices to make.

Read more about Sarah’s journey as a mother and homeschooler in her book, Windows to Our World.

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