21 Thoughts About Core Journals

11. Many kids are okay with a system that doesn’t require them to use a lot of research, creativity or thought.  These books are designed to be a launchpad for learning.

12. Kids who are in a rush to move on to play, chores, gaming, social media, or personal projects may feel that the Core Journals are just something that should be rushed through so they can do what they love.

13. It’s okay for a child to not use any system of learning that doesn’t work.  For the many kids who have a Follower Learning Style they will actually do better with some classroom style learning, fill in the blank, memorize and test methods. 

14. For the Super-Creators the Core Journals may feel boring and limiting.  You need to know your child.

15. My Detectives and Explorers do especially well, but work in different ways.

16. The Detectives need quiet and focus, while the Explorers move from place to place all over the house and yard, and need to be told that chores come after they finish their work in the Core Journal, so they don’t rush.  They really learn to look forward to the activities they love in the daily routine of the book. 

17. For kids who thrive on structure they  enjoy using a Core Journal daily, but really need to know what is expected.  I suggest doing the first 20 pages together to teach the child how to do copywork, a nature study, or creative writing.  It’s so important to be an example.

18. In most cases, don’t say “when you finish you can play Xbox” — they will rush. It works much better if the next activity is something they don’t mind putting off while they focus on their work, like cleaning a bathroom.  For example say: “You can take as much time as you need to finish five pages, then show me your work and I’ll show you how to clean out the oven.”

You will be amazed at how much detail they pour into their work. 

19. It’s also very important to be available to your child to help them find the right documentaries and books to study their topic.  Most of the actual learning isn’t in the Journal, it’s what the Journal reminds them to do. 

20. So know your child, if they don’t put their heart into learning with Core Journal, what will they put their heart into? Starting a business? An online course? A textbook? A series of documentaries? A boxed curriculum that tells them exactly what to memorize? A classical education? Dance school? An internship? Volunteer work? Building a fort? Sewing a dress? Baking? Full on Unschooling?

21. Some kids are like, “I don’t care… Whatever!” Then they get on their phones and post 80 selfies, and play Candy Crush until midnight. And complain about everything that requires any effort at all. In that case you just need to pull the plug and light a fire under the child.

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